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Ridge weatherproof backpack featured
Ridge weatherproof backpack featured
Ridge weatherproof backpack featured


Built for your next adventure


Built for your next adventure



What is an EDC backpack?

An EDC backpack is a type of backpack that includes a wide range of compartments designed to store items you might need during the course of your day. For example, the backpack may have a dedicated laptop compartment and water bottle pocket. They may also come with mesh pockets for storing items you need quick access to.


What is EDC?

EDC stands for “Everyday Carry.” It’s a term used to denote the idea of a collection of useful items that you wish to keep on your person every day. An everyday carry backpack allows you to do this better than a classic backpack because of its numerous compartments and the easy access it provides.



What should I carry in my EDC backpack?

The answer to this question comes down to what you need daily. If you carry a laptop for work, an EDC backpack with a padded laptop sleeve offers protected storage space for your device. Photographers may prefer a camera backpack with several pockets for their accessories. Larger backpacks can even store a full-size 15” laptop. It all comes down to what accessories or parts you need your EDC pack for.


How Big Should EDC backpack be?

The idea of carrying everything you need around with you is an attractive one. But the thought of lugging around a huge backpack isn’t. Peak design for an EDC backpack comes when the manufacturer can work a lot of clever storage features into the bag. Simply put, the bag needs to be big enough to carry your stuff while also being compact enough for you to carry every day.


How much should an EDC backpack weigh?

If you’re carrying a backpack around all day, you don’t want something bulky and heavy that will exhaust your back and shoulders. EDC backpacks should be as light as possible, with a maximum weight of between 20 and 25 pounds.



What is the best EDC backpack material?

The majority of manufacturers use nylon or nylon-based composite materials when creating their EDC backpacks. However, they may use strong materials for a mesh front pocket or tough compression straps. Padding may also be incorporated into a laptop and tablet pocket.


The key here is that the material used has to be water-resistant so your belongings don’t get damaged if it starts raining.



How much should I spend on an EDC backpack?

Quality EDC backpacks don’t come cheap. Expect to spend about $75 for a decent pack at the lower end of the price scale. However, the cost can easily increase to the $150 mark for a premium backpack that contains pockets for laptops, wallets, and accessories. 



Where can I find an EDC backpack?

Ridge offers more than wallets, key cases, phone cases, and kits. We also offer a range of everyday carry items, including backpacks, that allow you to keep everything you need in one place.


For example, you may use one of our titanium wallets to keep your cards and cash safe. That wallet can then be slotted into a handy pocket in your EDC backpack, along with other valuables like your laptop and provisions for the day.