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Complete your everyday carry with slim and silent key organizers from Ridge.




ridge RED keycase on frontpocket
ridge RED keycase on frontpocket

What is a key case?

As the name implies, a key case is a case for storing your keys. They work in a similar way to wallets used to store cash and cards. These cases have a slimline design and can be used to store several keys in a central location while offering protection that you don’t get from a key chain or other more traditional types of key holder. They’re handy accessories that are designed for everyday carry and minimalist lifestyles.


How does a key case work?

Think of a key case as a key organizer. They’re typically made using metal or carbon fiber steel plates which are secured using a spring and tension system. This design holds the plates together to create a minimalist look.


The key case secures your keys within the metal plates via the screw at the top, which runs through the keys’ bow (handle) holes. The plates then protect your keys, which you can slide out at any point when you need to use them.


A key case holder works similarly to a Swiss Army Knife in that respect. It’s a small metal device into which several keys can fold. When you need a key, you unfold it from the device, use it, and then fold it back in for safekeeping.



What is an EDC keychain?

EDC keychains work a little differently from a standard key case. These devices usually come with a ring for storing your keys on one end and a clip on the other that you can use to attach the keychain to an EDC object.


The idea is that you can keep your keys connected to things that you use every day. For example, many people connect EDC keychains to their wallets, pens, phone cases, or bags. You get easier access to your keys and can keep your daily essentials stored together for more efficient access.


EDC keychains are also useful if you travel a lot. Instead of dumping a keychain into a bag and potentially losing it if you need to switch bags, you can connect your keys to an EDC keychain that you then connect to an everyday carry item. You always know where your keys are and don’t ever have to worry about losing them.


The importance of staying organized.



Why do you need a key case?

Protection is a major benefit. A leather key case can only do so much to guard your keys. But one made using titanium or carbon fiber offers a sleek look while guarding your keys against impacts that could bend or snap them.


But beyond protection, key cases also help you to stay organized. For example, let’s say you have several car keys. You don’t want to mix those keys with your house or work keys because that means you’ll end up wasting time searching a large collection of keys to find the right one. Instead, you use a car key case that you keep with you whenever you drive. 


Thus, you're more organized.


Staying organized is vital for so many reasons. It helps you conduct your daily business more efficiently because you spend less time searching for the things you need. Being organized is also important during emergencies because it allows you to act quickly and decisively.