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Metal, RFID-blocking wallets designed as a modern way to carry cards and cash safely and more secure.

99 day risk-free trial

Lifetime Warranty

30+ Colors & Styles

RFID-blocking design

random Ridge wallet variants on wooden top
random Ridge wallet variants on wooden top
Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket

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Don’t Miss out on these
customer favorites.

Why Our Thin RFID Wallets Are Completely Unique

Saying that Ridge wallets stand out in the market is by no means an overstatement. From the materials used to functionality and design, Ridge wallets represent premium products at affordable prices.


These slim wallets feature a minimalist design, perfectly suited for the modern everyday carry lifestyle. Ridge uses only top-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability. Ridge wallets are made of carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and Damascus steel.

The metal wallet can hold up to 12 cards, with optional additional cash clips or straps. The clips are removable, which means a Ridge wallet can become a true cardholder. Compact and light, these wallets are an ideal fit for all occasions. This is the thinnest RFID wallet you can find on the market.

Ridge wallets have built-in RFID protection. This makes these RFID slim wallets for men the ideal choice since they prevent the digital theft of personal data, money, or bank account details.


Why It’s Better Than a Traditional Wallet?

Traditional wallets have several shortcomings that make them unfit for EDC use. In fact, old-style wallets can be downright unsafe or impractical in modern times.


For instance, the bifold wallet, which is the most popular type, isn’t designed to carry enough cards. Today, when plastic is in wider use than cash, having limited credit card storage is a severe drawback. Sadly, this small cash wallet doesn’t usually accommodate more than four or five cards.


Real leather wallets are a more general category and may come in various shapes and sizes. However, all of them have certain downfalls in common. A leather bifold wallet is more prone to physical damage. The material can get scraped by everyday items like keys. Also, leather wallets tend to come in a basic selection of colors, mostly browns, and blacks, limiting your choice in terms of style.


What is an RFID wallet?

An RFID wallet is precisely what the name says – a wallet with RFID protection. It prevents unauthorized access to your credit cards or any other type of document with similar technology. RFID wallets are designed to keep you safe from digital crime.


Are RFID wallets necessary?

Unfortunately, digital pickpocketing has become a regular occurrence. Today, a thief doesn’t need to actually steal your wallet to get hold of sensitive information or your bank account details. They can do that remotely. That’s why RFID wallets provide essential accessories. As the saying goes, it’s better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it.


What is The Ridge Wallet made of?

Each Ridge RFID blocking wallet is made of select materials that ensure its longevity and reliable service life. There are aluminum and carbon fiber variants, as well as wallets made of titanium or even premium Damascus steel. However, the materials don’t make a massive difference in weight or construction. In other words, you can choose the material that fits your style the most.


Is there a warranty on my Ridge Wallet?

Ridge offers a lifetime warranty on every men’s RFID slim wallet. This warranty doesn’t only guarantee that the wallet with RFID will serve you for a lifetime. It also means that should anything happen to the product, you can get a new one as soon as possible.