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Need help? That's what we're here for. We have a video below that can help guide you in streamlining your keys.

So you've got The KeyCase...

Our innovative design streamlines and organizes your keys in a compact silhouette — but we understand the design may be tricky to set up. We have directions below, and a video above.

If you need direct assistance you can email

The Ridge KeyCase
Stainless Steel Bolt Tool
Key Ring

Step 1: Opening
Use the thin edge of the Bolt Tool to unscrew the large, top screw near the open end of The Organizer. There is no need to unscrew anything other than this.

Step 2: Inserting
Hold the tension plate down with your thumb and place the keys on the dowel. The keys should lay perpendicular to the plate in an L shape. The Organizer will secure 2-6 keys.

Step 3: Securing
Place the top plate back to align with the dowel. Insert the screw back through the plate into the dowel. Tighten in place, you should not need to apply too much pressure.

You will feel clicks as the locking mechanism falls in and out of place and the screw gradually tighten and secure the plate and keys.
Do Not Over Tighten.

Everything fit snug? You’re done.