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And how The Ridge was designed to combat RFID skimming.

What Exactly is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking wallets serve the simple purpose of blocking the RFID signals used to access some types of credit and debit cards. These wallets usually come with at least one card slot, with some offering a money clip or similar accessory for cash storage. But on a general level, RFID wallets have minimalist designs that focus more on function over fashion, though this doesn’t mean an RFID wallet can’t look stylish.

What makes a wallet RFID?

It all comes down to the materials.

For example, let’s say you purchase a bifold wallet made from genuine leather. That wallet will certainly look the part, in addition to providing all of the pockets you need for your cash, credit cards, and business cards. But it isn’t going to offer RFID protection.


Leather is not a conductive material, which means it allows RFID signals to pass through it. RFID blocking technologyrelies on the use of conductive materials, such as titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber to work. The natural conductivity creates a magnetic field when a reader attempts to read data, which masks the RFID signal of the cards inside.

How does a RFID wallet work?

We can keep this answer short and sweet:

Yes, RFID wallets work. In fact, they work exceptionally well because they prevent hackers from accessing your personal financial information.

Do I need a RFID wallet?

If you’re wondering whether amen’s RFID credit card wallet is for you, consider this situation.

You’re walking down the street with your wallet in your back pocket. That wallet contains your workID card and credit cards. Both types of cards use RFID signals to allow you to gain contactless access or make payments without swiping your card. But those signals come from an external device, like a card reader.

Now, imagine that somebody walks past you. They seem innocuous enough. The person doesn’t stop or say anything to you. But in their pocket is an RFID card reader that you can’t even see. If your cards aren’t protected, that card reader can connect to them and the person who just walked past you now has access to your financial information.

RFID hacking really is that simple. So, by purchasing an RFID wallet you give yourselfpeace of mind with the knowledge that you won’t be subjected to these malicious attacks.

How close does someone have to be to scan your credit card?

An RFID hacker doesn’t have to get close to you to steal your financial information. They carry scanners that are network-connected and capable of transmitting signals that activate RFID tags, such as those found on modern contactless cards. Once a tag is activated, it sends data back to the reader. And just like that, you’ve been hacked.

RFID scanners vary in terms of signal strength. However, many easily available scanners can steal your data from within 10 feet.

Can RFID wallets be slim?

You can get a wide variety of RFID wallets, including RFID bifold  wallets and slim RFID wallet designs. If you want a minimalist wallet that only carries the essentials, you can find a large selection at the The Ridge store. Or, maybe you want a front pocket wallet that doesn’t create lumps or leave creases? Again, The Ridge has you covered.

Our RFID wallets are available in a range of patterns and materials, including aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. We also offer a wide variety of accessories and gear to go along with our wallets, as well as other storage solutions, such as RFID blocking  phone cases. When combined with our other everyday carry solutions, like our bags and  keycases, an RFID wallet allows you to store essential cards while keeping them safe from hackers.

Where to find RFID wallets?

You can find all Ridge RFID slim wallets for men and women online on this page. Just browse our collection, select the wallet you like, and order it online.

But if you prefer to get hands-on with your wallet before you buy, you can also check out The Ridge range in many stores throughout America. Check out our store locator to find the nearest The Ridge supplier to you.