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The Concept

The Ridge is a universal alternative to a bulky bi-fold and a limited minimalist wallet. The typical wallet is over-crowded with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase rather than a wallet, also known as the Costanza Wallet. The integrated track avoids the bulk of a traditional folding wallet while expanding to allow the user to hold as few or as many cards as they would like.The Ridge re-evaluates your everyday carry and gets rid of the bulk.

Integrated Expandable Track

The Ridge's “integrated track” is comprised of a durable elastic track incorporated into a hollowed section of the wallet’s metal plates. The "T" design of the track secures cards from the bottom as well as the sides so nothing accidentally falls out of the bottom of the wallet. It will snugly hold one card or expand to hold numerous cards. The track is made out of a robust elastic material that has undergone several strength tests. It can expand to hold up to 15 cards and when the cards are removed, it will contract to hold a single card securely.

RFID Blocking (wireless identity theft)

Radio Frequency Identification is becoming an increasingly common feature on credit cards that allows the user to wirelessly "swipe" their card. However, the technology is inherently vulnerable as it lends itself to wireless identity theft. A portable, concealed scanner is all that is needed to wirelessly obtain credit card information from RFID-enabled cards in your wallet, a process known as "skimming". The Ridge’s aluminum plates block RFID when fully inserted, keeping your information safe. A quick push of your finger exposes the cards, allowing you to utilize the convenience of RFID enabled cards without risk.