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A Unique Take on the Traditional Men’s Wedding Ring

Ridge’s collection of men’s wedding rings is a unique addition to the manufacturer’s collection, which includes wallets for men and other stylish products. The Ridge engagement ring has the minimalist style and modern design that made the company famous.

This manufacturer puts materials first in their collection of men wedding rings. They are made of carbon fiber, tungsten carbide, and titanium. And if you’re in the process of finding the perfect promise ring or wedding bands, a tungsten wedding ring will certainly be a unique choice.


Ridge’s men wedding rings feature a modern design and rugged build. When it comes to wedding rings, these are the sturdiest options available. Plus, they look stunning, particularly in combination with other Ridge products like the aluminum-made RFID blocking wallets.


Those with active lifestyles can still enjoy Ridge’s men’s wedding bands. Each ring comes with an alternative silicone ring to protect the original band.


What The Ridge Ring Comes With


Complementary silicone ring

The additional silicone ring comes with the main wedding band free of charge. This is an excellent option for anyone who loves going to the gym or spending a lot of time outdoors. Of all manufacturers in the market, Ridge is the only one that offers this complementary ring.


Premium materials

As mentioned, Ridge rings can be made of carbon fiber, tungsten carbide, and titanium. Regardless of the material, the ring’s construction will feature a dual-layer design. The outer edge is beveled, while the inner surface has a convex curvature for maximum comfort.


Lifetime Warranty

Every Ridge Ring is covered with a unique lifetime warranty. In particular, when you purchase a ring, you’ll receive the option for two exchanges during an unlimited period. You can receive the same ring, or it can be resized to keep that seamless fit. This way, Ridge provides coverage for their customers whether they lose their rings or 20 pounds in weight.


How do you pick the right mens wedding band?

There are four factors when choosing the right wedding band: size, material, style, and finish. Naturally, you’ll want your ring to be the right finger size so it’s not too loose or too tight. And when it comes to the other three factors, you’ll undoubtedly find what you’re looking for among the professionally designed Ridge ring.


How tight should men’s wedding band be?

The wedding band should only be tight enough to not come off your finger easily. It should never feel overly tight or prevent blood flow. On the other hand, if the ring comes off when you shake your hand, that means it’s too loose.


Is Tungsten or titanium stronger?

Tungsten and titanium are among the strongest materials in commercial use. However, when compared directly, tungsten comes out the stronger of the two.


Is there a time-sensitive window for exchanging the rings for different sizes?

The period during which you can exchange Ridge rings is unlimited. In other words, you can choose to order your resized ring at any time. After all, wedding bands are meant to last forever. And Ridge’s replacement policy is created to do the same.