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standee Ridge wallet images
standee Ridge wallet images


Slim. RFID blocking. Lifetime Guarantee.


Slim. RFID blocking. Lifetime Guarantee.



Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket
Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket
Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket

RFID Wallets For Women

Today’s thieves use clever digital techniques to steal your money. Instead of swiping your wallet out of your pocket, they use RFID scanners to steal card details so they can make purchases using your accounts.


An RFID women wallet guards against this threat. With The Ridge’s women’s wallets, your cards are protected against physical and digital threats.

Stay Organized and Secure with Our Top-Rated RFID Wallet for Women.

The Ridge has built a reputation as the top manufacturer of RFID-blocking wallets for a reason. We combine RFID protection with slimline designs to ensure your wallet looks the part while serving a practical purpose.


Your RFID women wallet comes in a choice of colors, ranging from royal black to matte white. We also offer a choice of materials as we have wallets made using aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find a Ridge wallet to suit your needs.


All wallets come with a choice of cash strap, money clip, or both, giving you full control over how you store banknotes. Our RFID women wallet features enough card slots to hold 12 cards. Plus, their scratch-resistant powder coatings ensure they continue to look the part no matter what happens.


If you’re looking for a slimline and accessible RFID-blocking wallet, you’ll find what you need in our collection. Best of all, The Ridge’s wallets come with a lifetime warranty and a 99-day risk-free trial to ensure you’re always happy with your purchase.


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We also offer an attractive range of men’s wallets, in addition to accessories that include bags, wedding bands, and diver’s watches. With The Ridge, you get stylish protection to ensure you never have to worry about hackers gaining access to your cards.


Do RFID wallets really work?

Yes, RFID-blocking wallets really do work. They reduce the signal strength of a hacker’s scanning device, making it impossible for them to get a read from the microchips inside your cards.


Are Ridge wallets RFID protected?

All of Ridge’s men's and women’s wallets feature RFID protection. This protection ensures our wallets offer both physical and digital security, thus keeping your cards safe until you need to use them.


Do RFID Ridge wallets damage cards?

As long as you don’t overstuff the wallets with more cards than they can hold, an RFID women wallet from The Ridge actively protects your cards rather than damages them. The metal exteriors guard against impact and crushing, with the RFID-blocking technology protecting against hackers. Note that most Ridge wallets can hold up to 12 cards. Please check your chosen wallet’s product page to find the maximum number of cards you can store.


How does Ridge RFID wallet work?

RFID-blocking wallets work by using a layer of metal, typically aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium, to block the electromagnetic signals your credit and debit cards emit. Think of the wallet as a barrier. By blocking card signals, it prevents card readers from detecting them until you’re ready to use the card.